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Startup Business Coach: Growth & Fundraising | 7 startups | MSFT, IBM, P&G | MBA@UCLA, Int’l@SSE, BS CS@WPI | Triathlon, Golf, Photography |

Accelerator Best Practices

Good for all involved

Antique outside clock
Antique outside clock

Selling is Not Just for Sales

Anyone Can Learn to Sell Well

How to create deep links to text within a web page

A whole new dimension to URL links

The Startup Antibubble

Plus 3 Steps To Getting Started

More than marketing. A framework for business success.

Customer Empathy is Key To Growth

Buyer’s Journey Hourglass
Buyer’s Journey Hourglass

Analyst Relations in a Nutshell for Startups

What are Analysts?

Getting Back To Normal And Staying That Way

Technology Solutions Could Speed Our Return To Normalcy

Comprehensive Startup Guide To Finding Your Best Path During Financial Turmoil

Turn Survive Into Thrive

(Photo by Alina Pkhakadze on Unsplash. Modified by Samir Ghosh.)

Everything you need to know to make a compelling investor pitch

Understand investors’ motivations to win them over

Original Photo by Марьян Блан | @marjanblan (edited by Samir Ghosh)

Total Addressable Market

Solution to the TAM / Niche Paradox

The TAM / Niche Paradox

Problems with TAM / SAM / SOM


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